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The reboot

I know I’m always never finding time to complete my deepest darkest thoughts. I’m overwhelmed with the thoughts. I thought it would be okay to get away but i found out writing is my only escape. I’m overwhelmed. How to fit what i create into what I’m creating. Without dividing time i want the effortless art to be less time finding. More time spending. I’m overwhelmed with so many things to do. What’s priority?

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If expectation is a high-level of confidence, then why do we consent to the high-level non-sense?

If you know who you are then it’ll be no question to the negative comments.

But since some of us are still stuck in the matrix we’ll forever be non-existent.


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An ODE to Jazz…

The pride…running through my 8 bit veins…
Ctrl-alt-delete, ctrl-alt-delete but the computing won’t repeat… as I repeat, no D. Maurice… The 3D images won’t connect to my processor, I process her, but her Wi-Fi won’t connect try again deny deny deny her password says reject… So I eject. To recompute again. My software is incompatible to her hard drive. Don’t over-heat I repeat control alt delete, control alt delete. Her router is disconnected from the modem, her Ram is too full to Hold’em… Memories. So I shut off the power supply. To deactivate her system… Defragment my Ram, defragment my Ram. As I ask my master, he controls and points me in the right direction, the mouse, with automatic correction.

Then I reboot, *NOOO* I reboot and switch her to safe mode preventing all viruses to take hold… Going into recovery mode (refresh)

Until then let’s talk about chemistry and the proclivity of your mind and how it wines and dines my thoughts as they intertwine. Wait.., that’s biology…Cross breading let’s unwind…not the time, but the physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter… the CHEMISTRY OF YOUR MIND. I’m interested. How can we create a chemical bond?

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What’s your IMAGE-NATION? Or do you lack the effort of being a child again because of your adulthood ways? Paying bills, having kids, buying groceries, pretending to have it all together to fit in.. but your ability has part ways.  When was the last time you dreamt of becoming who you really wanted to be?  Dwelt on the lifestyle that you foresee.

BE-COMING that person, but acting as if it has already came to past. What do you want to do, where do you want to go, who do you want to be? You got to keep dreaming. God said,” a man without vision shall perish.” Trust in Him and you shall inherit.

We all have blank canvases that allows us to recreate our future, though we can’t change the past.  God uses water paint. -2uietstorm

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Untitled #5

My best rhyme was best rhymed when busta rhymed shout out to Sister Soul who came up with that line, I’m diving deep into the proclivity of your mind.

I call it wine and dining thoughts. Let you meditate on my drops.

Let’s intertwine and unwind the time while i explore the chemistry of your mind. I’m interested.

How can we create a chemical bond?

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My soul nurses for you…

I am blessed, I am anointed, i am committed.

Never-the-less you’re always been good.

Serenity, divine destiny I’m never scared to believe when you’re resting in me.

Peace-my mind at ease- you squeeze my thoughts into pure joy. I drink and taste to see that you are good.

My soul is on fire for you…melting away my impurities I’m dying for you!!

In our secret place, i whisper to you… I hope you can hear my feelings to you.

Teach me to reveal them to you. Submit myself and bring my willingness to you.

I am READY to embark. New ways, new days,. down the ladder i climb up to your staircase.

You’ve shown me a better way.


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The What…

So the As I was Told piece…was a whisper from this gentleman when i randomly stumbled upon a praise and worship event at the same hotel i was to have my coffee mixer. I knew one of the venders there talked for a while to them and to the gentleman who was hosting it and they young lady said to come inside…my goodness the holy spirit was for real in there. As i sat in the back weaping and wondering how did i get here and what was happening a young guy started to whisper in my ear. Speaking in tongues and after he translated it while in the spirit. It was about peace. As he held on head as if i were a new born i knew it was God talking and answering my prayers. That shifted things in my life after that event!

Thank you lord for your children.